Design Mom, praised as a Website of the Year by Time Magazine, and a top parenting blog by the Wall Street Journal, Parents Magazine and Better Homes & Gardens, features everything you find at the intersection of Motherhood and Design. From DIY projects and home tours, to book reviews, family-friendly travel, and discussions about modern parenting. The new generation of mothers (We’€™re still interested! We’re still interesting!), come to Design Mom to find daily inspiration.

Gabrielle Blair, designer and mother of 6, embraces the current widespread love of design, and approaches motherhood from a designer’€™s perspective —€” writing posts like tips for great family photos, her favorite parenting trick, thoughts on selfies, and forty things she loves about her husband. In addition to Design Mom, Gabrielle’s active internet career also includes being a founder of Alt Summit, and a creator of Olive Us. Married to Ben Blair, they live with their six kids — Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty and Flora June — in the French countryside, in a farmhouse with a name instead of an address.

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Amy-Christie_100px Amy Christie is our DIY Editor and she oversees most of the posts under the Make Something tab. She is a maker. Her responsibilities include creating projects for Design Mom like how to marble everything in sight and how to light up a winter night. And she commissions projects from other great crafters and designers as well, like yarn bookmarks. You can find Amy at her blog, This Heart of Mine, and find out more about her in this post.

Koseli-Cummings-100px Koseli Cummings is our Discovery Editor, she scours the web, and her fascinating Brooklyn neighborhood, to find ideas, projects and products that will stick with you. Things like a transparent house and the first kiss on screen. She’ll introduce ideas like There’s No Such Thing as Pink and give us a Downton Abbey Primer. Koseli’s posts on Design Mom are short, but you can find her in longer-form at her blog, Original Archiving. And don’t miss Koseli’s interview.

Raleigh-Elizabeth-100px Raleigh-Elizabeth writes a weekly column focused on food, the kitchen and entertaining. And she IS entertaining! Her posts will keep you smiling till the end and they always spark great comments. She’ll keep you up to date on the best cook books. She’ll discuss the tortures of holiday cookie exchanges. And she doesn’t think you need a crock pot (shocking!). Raleigh keeps her own blog, Bunny Victorious, and you can find a fun Q&A with her here.

www.justinhackworth.com Amy Hackworth fearlessly writes a weekly discussion column that covers topics that Design Mom Readers are thinking about. Even the tough, sticky, parenting questions. She’ll bring up the curse of praise. She’ll analyze thinking versus doing. She’ll help us manage our holiday expectations. And she’ll wonder if we’re too busy to make our beds. Amy keeps her own website called Amy Hackworth Writes, and you can read her interview for Design Mom here.

carter-higgins-100px Carter Higgins is obsessed with picture books, and she channels that fantastic obsession into the Book of the Week column on Design Mom. Carter also comes up with seasonal book roundups, and she collaborates with Emily McDowell on our series of illustrated book quotes. Word on the street is, she’ll be taking on the Author Interview series as well. Carter continues her obsession on her blog, Design of the Picture Book. You can read more about her here.

Lindsey-Johnson-100px Lindsey Johnson knows about everything and she’s a genius with her camera. So she writes and photographs our weekly column called Secrets of Living Well. She knows how to properly polish a pair of shoes and how to keep fresh flowers fresh. She’ll teach you how to make the perfect pie crust and the art of tasting chocolate. Lindsey writes a blog with a little something for everyone at Café Johnsonia. Get to know her better in this interview.



Design Mom was named a Top Website of the Year by Time Magazine, and Gabrielle has been widely featured in top publications like the Wall Street JournalDwell MagazineMartha Stewart LivingBetter Homes & GardensReal SimpleParents Magazine, and Ladies Home Journal.

Gabrielle Blair was named one of the 15 most influential women in Social Media and is consistently named to Neilson’s List of Power Moms and Babble.com’s Top Mom Blogs.

The Blair Family was featured in a House Hunters International episode. You can see it on YouTube here. Or, get to know Gabrielle in this selection of interviews:

- The play-by-play details of a day in the life.
- Working toward work-life balance.
- On founding Alt Summit.
- Stylish picks at Refinery 29.
- How Design Mom came to be.
- An interview at The Happiness Project.
- The love story at Gwen in Love.
- On parenting, with an introduction here.
Favorite places in the world.
-Commercial for HP Touchsmart Printer.



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