New App: Wide Angle

March 28, 2013

WideAngle App

This post is sponsored by WideAngle, a new app for Ipad. It’s the first app for viewing friends’ photos from Facebook and Instagram together!


By Gabrielle.

When the folks at WideAngle reached out about doing a post on their free app, I was pretty hesitant. I feel like I’m kind of a slow adopter on lots of apps. I usually wait for my kids to try things, and then have them add the best ones to my devices. But I took a look at WideAngle, and it was like a sigh of relief. If you’re a big social media picture taker and consumer, then I’m betting you’ll love it too. And like I mentioned, it’s free! So why not give it a try?

WideAngle App

How do I describe it… Well. Let’s start with scenario one. Do you ever check out Instagram — click “like” on a bunch of photos, maybe leave some comments, etc. — and then check out Facebook and find many of the exact same photos? Me too. And it’s no surprise. When I Instagram, I share the image to Facebook about 90% of the time. Lots of other users do too. So there are repeat links and images all over the place. And WideAngle simplifies that.

I installed the app on my iPad, connected it to my Instagram and Facebook accounts, and within minutes, all my social media photos were in one place. And not just my photos. I could also see the photos my instagram and Facebook friends are sharing. I could see everything, make comments, click like — all from the WideAngle app.

WideAngle App

And how about scenario two: On our trip to Ireland, I was taking photos on Instagram, Ben Blair was sharing them to Facebook, and the 3 oldest were doing a combination. There are excellent shots in everybody’s photos streams, but trying to collect my favorites in one place is a huge pain.

Enter WideAngle. It lets you organize photos from lots of different sources and “remix” them into shareable albums. You can organize by date, by people, by location. Whatever works for you.

WideAngle App

Conclusion: I’ve been finding the WideAngle app really helpful. And I feel like I’m only scratching the surface of what it will do. Plus, new updates are scheduled soon — like versions for iPhone and Android, and photo gathering from Twitter and Tumblr, too. You can learn more on their site. As I mentioned, the price is: free. If you give it a try, I hope you’ll let me know what you think!

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1 Rebecca Alexis March 28, 2013 at 1:27 pm

mmmmmmm….will hop over to check it out. xo


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