By Gabrielle.

Another great giveaway today! Blue Poppy Jewelry, makers of beautiful baubles and pretty pieces, is offering 4(!) winners my very favorite necklace from their line. Hooray for 4 winners!

The necklace is a Mother and Child Pendant called Big and Little Dipper Constellations. The meaning behind the necklace? In Greek mythology, the constellations Ursa Major and Usra Minor — you know them as the big and little dippers — tell the story of a mother and her child united safely together for eternity.

The tiny drops of sterling silver in this pendant represent these beautiful star fomations and may be worn as a reminder of the eternal love that exists between a mother and her children. Doesn’t that make you melt?

The pendant is made with sterling silver and ebony and hangs on an 18″ sterling silver bead chain. I love this necklace! It’s the sort of piece you’ll want to wear every single day. Blue Poppy makes such unique and beautiful pieces. My other favorites are the arrow necklace and the queen bee ring.

Visit Blue Poppy Jewelry and leave a comment below to enter. The 4 winners will be announced on Thursday. Good luck!


The lucky winners are Shelley McD, Celeste, Julie, and Elena. Thanks for playing!