Comments on: Nicknames The Intersection of Design & Motherhood Wed, 28 Jan 2015 05:18:34 +0000 hourly 1 By: Kylie Kylie Mon, 22 Dec 2014 18:34:01 +0000 I love nicknames, too. I have an Aunt Purd whose name is Karon, but they called her “purdy girl” when she was small. I have an uncle Pyge whose name is Jaron – no idea where that came from. My nicknames from family, friends, and extended family are: Ky, Nye-Ky-la-Poop-Er-Eye (shortened to Nye-Ky at my request as a teenager), Howie (from a cousin mispronouncing Kylie), Ky-Ky, Ky-girl, Joserita, Jose-ina, Ernie, Key-lie, and IW (independent woman.) My husband, Ryan, was called Braith (the first part of our last name) growing up, but hasn’t had a nickname until my mom started calling him Ry-Guy. Together, our combined nickname is RyKy.

THEN, my daughter Naomi is is called: Naomi, Nay-nay, Little Bee, Naomi-bug, Bugaboo, Boo, and Honey. When I was first expecting her I called her a little Bee, because she was so small… I guess it kind of stuck. :)

By: pinay tambayan pinay tambayan Thu, 20 Mar 2014 21:42:55 +0000 hi
I was Pookaloo or Pipparinapicccolo.

By: bunny bunny Fri, 30 Aug 2013 02:11:14 +0000 bunny

By: chivon chivon Fri, 30 Aug 2013 01:40:03 +0000 nickname bunny

By: Amanda Amanda Wed, 13 Mar 2013 21:39:46 +0000 When I was growing up I saw know as sugar buns,peanut,sweet pea,gumball eyes,sweetheart and Mandy

I actually still go by those nicknames by my family and now my mom also calls me lippy.

Meanings behind the nicknames

Sugar buns -I was given this nickname because I’m sweet,cute,and at the time really tiny.

Peanut- I’m not really sure why I was called peanut,my mom calls me,my sister and brother peanut

Sweet Pea- Mostly because thats my fave body spray scent,not really sure about the other reasons.

gumball eyes- Babies have small eyes :D

Sweetheart- because I always take care of people and love to help

Mandy- Just a simple nickname for my name Amanda

Toothpick – my dad called be that when I was young,I was hella skinny and now I’m heavy T-T

Lippy- because I have attitude and I’m not afraid to speak my mind

p.s My name is Amanda Lynn,they choose it because they said it sounds musical

By: Clara Clara Wed, 20 Feb 2013 01:17:15 +0000 Btw I’m not a mom I’m an author/ pet parent. No children sorry

By: Clara Clara Wed, 20 Feb 2013 01:15:12 +0000 My parents are really into giving nicknames. I’m bear, mrs. E-bear, kerbopple, bobbled-it, Frog. My sisters are nanny and lolly. My brother I nicknamed my self is fe-fullee, fifi, and my other brother is Dany-boyeE. My dog is Zeezo, corzo, caco, teeze, weeskaz, cauz, toast. The other dog we call Fat, Woggie. My rabbit we call Alpo, Alphonzo, Alphred, Alphrado, mr. Blister, mr. Rabbit man. It’s very easy and fun to nickname people (and animals).

By: Deseree Probasco Deseree Probasco Mon, 07 Jan 2013 20:54:03 +0000 My daugther is Isabel as well. Lots of people call her “Bella,” as if her name is Isabella, or “Bell,” but my nickname for her for the past eight years is “Tink” because once upon a time our neighbor’s toddler could never remember her name and just yelled “Can Tinkerbell come to play” every time we were out in the yard.

By: Jaroldeen Jaroldeen Sat, 05 Jan 2013 05:00:56 +0000 My daughter Chloe’s name, while very popular now, wasn’t well known when she was born, so people often assumed it was a nickname, although we couldn’t imagine what it would be a nickname for; so for fun we would call her things like “Chlotilde” or “Chloerina.” Now she’s just Chloe, but sometimes Chloeroo or Coco, which is what her little brother called her before he could pronounce her name properly. Ainsley is often called by her first and middle name “Ainsley Rose” which often turns into “Ainsley Rosie” or we call her “Anya” which is what her little brother called her again before he could master her real name. Our Weston has outgrown “Westy” but is sometimes “Westone” to emphasize the spelling of his name or “Master Weston” since he’s the oldest son. Miles is “the bub,” “handsome,” “Miles Luc-ers” or “Milesy Wilesy” and Blake is “Blakerboo” or simply “Blakey” as long as he’ll let us

By: Lisa Lisa Mon, 31 Dec 2012 06:19:39 +0000 I never thought I was a nickname person–until I had children and now my husband and I cannot stop ourselves! They just come out!

Paige is Paigey, Paigey-poo, P.A.-puffinstuff, GiGi, “page” in Spanish (though I won’t type it because I don’t like how it looks)

Trevor is Trev, Trevvy, T-Man, Fehver (what his little bro called him when he couldn’t say Trevor)

Preston is Pres, Preps, Preppy, P-Boy, P-Town

Gavin is Gav, Gavey-goo, Goo-man, Goo Goo, G-Man, Gooserfacer (?)

Lucy is Lulu, Lu, Lucyface, Lulubunnyface, Bunnerfacer (Again?), LuBuns

I mean, as I type these, I’m thinking we’re so bonkers. But, we’re also kinda endearing, right?

By: Karyn Karyn Sun, 30 Dec 2012 20:01:55 +0000 I am a Karyn who’s always been called Milly by my family. My brother Geoff called Jack by Dad. My cousin Simon is always known as Sam. My cousin Moana is Naans. My cousin Aroha is Wa. My cousin Kelly is called Wuppie by her brothers.

I like being Karyn in one world and Milly when I come home. I don’t like it when Mum calls me Karyn!

By: Michelle Loretta Michelle Loretta Sun, 07 Oct 2012 12:54:14 +0000 My 5 year old daughter Lili has given her brother Lucas the nickname “Googley”. When he started cooing “goo goo gah gah” she began to call him that. I don’t think she knows what it means to “google” something but I’m pretty sure she hears my husband and I talk about it. (“I’ve got to google the actor in that film.”) I just love his nickname! I love that it comes from her. And, I love that she uses it so endearingly. (“Oh little googley!” “Googley is hungry, Mama.”) I hope he carries this nickname forever. :)

By: Lisa Lisa Sat, 06 Oct 2012 11:13:40 +0000 I have so enjoyed reading other’s nicknames! My family has lots of nicknames flying around but my all time favorite is my grandmother’s. The name she went by her whole life was Eliza, but her grown children always called her “Lizzie” to each other, and eventually they started calling her that directly. She pretended she thought they were fresh and reprimanded them, but really she loved it! And it stuck….everyone called her Lizzie. If only I had another girl….she would have been Lizzie!

By: Anna Anna Thu, 04 Oct 2012 20:47:00 +0000 My husband’s siblings all have shortened versions of more formal names (Caroline=Carrie, Robert=Rob, etc.) but no nicknames. My siblings and I, however, have some crazy nick names, although they weren’t used all the time. My brother Paul was Pauly-wog; Laura was Laura-Loo or Ducky (legend says she looked like a duck as a baby?!); I was Annakins, and Derek was Buggy-Joe. The youngest, a 10-years-later caboose, escaped without a family nick name. He is just Nathaniel. Although for a while he was “Scoob-than” when he had a thing for Scooby-doo. :)

Now in my own family with our two young daughters (3 and newborn) we have a few nicknames, but they don’t make much sense! Sara is Scairza, Sara-sair, or Shnugah. (I can’t even think of phonetic ways to type them!) So far the baby, Ava, has a pretty horrible nick name; Stink bug. Let’s hope that one doesn’t stick!

By: Jenny Jenny Wed, 03 Oct 2012 04:35:28 +0000 we love a nickname around our house…i even refer to my two girls as my :chickens”.

My big girl, Allie, is commonly referred to as Delicious. I have no idea why. My little one, Kate, is Tot. Again, it just happened.

My little niece calls me Miss Kitty which totally cracks me up…i am the complete opposite of a Miss Kitty!

By: Niki Kelly Niki Kelly Wed, 03 Oct 2012 02:34:07 +0000 My full name is already a nick name. My mom said why name me Nicole if all they really wanted to do was call me “Niki”. Growing up my cousins called me Nixley and my work friends call me Nikster. Both of which make me smile.

My husband is Robert but it even catches me off guard to hear someone use that. To everyone he is Bobby.

Our daughter is Emilia. Most people call her Emi. One of the ladies at her school calls her Mimi (she started there at age 1 and that is how she referred to herself before she could say Emi) Her great Aunt calls her Booski. Boo-Boo Bear > Boo> Booski. It makes her laugh when they chat via face time, which is 3 or more times a week. Her dad calls her pumpkin and I usually refer to her as Baby-love. Sometime I hear her calling her dolls baby love so I hope that means she likes it.

Great topic. I didnt realize we were such nicknamers until I replied to this post.

By: Kara Kara Tue, 02 Oct 2012 20:23:11 +0000 My parents specifically picked names for my sisters and I that couldn’t be shortened. My sisters are Holly and Erica. Erica was going to be Rebecca but they didn’t like “Becky” so that name was axed.

My son is Ezra and when I was pregnant we hoped no one would call him “Ez” — but now that’s what we call him most of the time. A friend has a son who is almost exactly a year older than him and he couldn’t pronounce Ezra so he called him “E Baby.” That one stuck too. So our Ezra is usually Ez or E Baby… but I also call him love bug or peanut.

By: Samantha Vérant Samantha Vérant Tue, 02 Oct 2012 08:34:15 +0000 Sambo, Bo, and after Sixteen Candles came out (still heart Jake Ryan), I was Sammy Baker Davis Junior. Ask me if I liked any of these nicknames. Or don’t. Just call me Sam I am.

By: Stephanie Stephanie Tue, 02 Oct 2012 01:59:17 +0000 Great post and comments! I had plenty of nicknames as a kid, but none that stuck. My husband is David, and we don’t get too creative with his name aside from Dave or Davey. Our daughter, Estelle, has plenty of nicknames. We thought Stella would be a given, but that is not the case so far. We mostly call her Stelly or Stelly Welly, short for Stelly Welly Full of Jelly (at daycare). Her other nicknames include Stelle and Pilarinha (Little Pilar). My mom has a new nickname, Tess, that my sister gave her, and it has stuck for a few years. I guess I shouldn’t give up hope for a fun nickname, even as I get older!

By: Gina Gina Mon, 01 Oct 2012 21:04:20 +0000 We named our daughter Phoebe, and we call her Bee. It fits her! She is a buzzy little thing.