Comments on: Ask Design Mom: Interior Design Help The Intersection of Design & Motherhood Fri, 26 Aug 2016 14:44:44 +0000 hourly 1 By: Julia Julia Sun, 26 Jul 2015 12:14:21 +0000 Help ! Before moving into our new home I had the painters come in and paint the entire home nebulous white from sherwin Williams. It has taken on quite a light blue tinge ! Due to the lighting etc.,

How do I bring back more of the gray without having to repaint the whole house ?

By: Janelle Janelle Tue, 03 Feb 2015 16:55:45 +0000 We just bought a new house and the living room is long and narrow and I am having trouble decorating/arranging furniture. The room is 23 X 11 with a bay window on the west 11 foot end and a patio door on the east 11 foot end. There is a beautiful stone fireplace about 5 feet down the north 23′ wall, entrance from the front hall is at the west end of the south wall and entrance from the kitchen is about 8 feet in from the eat along the south wall. Any help placing furniture would be great!! Thanks so much!!

By: Lenin Lenin Fri, 05 Dec 2014 01:19:40 +0000 Me and my wife are buying our first home and she fell in love with these chairs in the home we saw staged. All I have is a picture can I send you picture see if you have ever seen these bar stool? I would love to surprise her for Christmas , thank you for your time

By: Aimee Aimee Sun, 30 Nov 2014 17:46:32 +0000 Hi,

I’m looking for a rug that will compliment a chair I’d like to buy :

Unfortunately, I fear that the only option I have is something solid and boring. Our furniture is a neutral tan, along with the walls. We have earthy pops of color, but this chair would certainly become more of a focal point if I got it. My general taste is earthy, dark woods, comfortable and mostly contemporary. Any suggestions?

By: jenny jenny Wed, 29 Oct 2014 00:46:47 +0000 my walls are beige and i have a orchid color comforter what color curtains would make the bedroom pop

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By: Will Will Thu, 20 Mar 2014 03:06:39 +0000 Hello!
I am trying to get curtains for a window that is 58″ wide x 59″ long.
I have been searching stores for curtains that are approx. 1.5-2x the width (87-116″), but there don’t seem to be any curtains of this length.
I am using this 1.5-2x rule because I saw online that having curtains of this extra length makes the window look better, possibly more luxurious. With this, very few stores have curtains I can use, and even less have the blackout curtains I’m hoping for.
Am I setting this up right? How should curtains be purchased for this type of window?
Thank you so much!

By: Michael Michael Sat, 11 Jan 2014 11:25:43 +0000 Hi Karen,

Thank you for your time to read my email, we are buying a house with a classic black and white style kitchen, white units with black granite top.
The kitchen floor is medium stained low gloss pine.
We need to buy a kitchen table and chairs but not sure of which colour to choose that will fit and not clash?
Any advice would be great.

Kind regards

By: Ekaterina Reier Ekaterina Reier Thu, 05 Dec 2013 04:04:11 +0000 Hi! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! I am really stressing over this one wall that I had the guts to paint burgundy. Don’t get me wrong – I love the color, and the wall has a fireplace and two lovely windows, BUT it is uneven and eggshell paint shows off all imperfections. So I need to do something about it. I need help figuring out what:
1) I could paint it with flat paint, but I feel like that wall is missing something. May be if I do that, I should add crown molding for a more formal look? We are going for old world feel
2) I could use damask burgundy gold wallpaper on that wall. I love the idea but I have one problem – there is a stained glass that I made that is installed over the fireplace, its design is kinda busy and its primary color is green. It has a 2.5” gold frame around it. Do you think that it would look too busy on damask wallpaper? Also, I do have the two windows. If I use damask wallpaper, should I go for curtains of a different color with burgundy elements in them, or pick a different color entirely (but obviously smth that works with the room)? ARGH, I am so torn – this is supposed to be fun, but I am not having too good of a time trying to figure this out! PLEASE HELP!!!!

By: Marc Marc Sat, 16 Nov 2013 12:15:09 +0000 Hi, We are creating a new kitchen, and really excited. The cupboard units will be grey, and the worktops were planned on being granite black (but open to suggestions). We would like wood floor – what colour or shade of wood should we opt for? Dont really want grey wood if possible And what colour tiles? Myself and my wife are at loggerheads and need some impartial advice from an expert with an eye for a colour scheme – before we kill each other! Please help! Thanks in advance

By: Susan Susan Thu, 31 Oct 2013 14:49:56 +0000 Can I put a colored glass table lamp on a clear glass topped table, or is that a no-no? The only reason I’m considering it is that we have an open kitchen/living room and it would tie in nicely with the colored glass lights above my kitchen island.

By: Liz Liz Sun, 22 Sep 2013 23:40:22 +0000 I don’t want my living room to be formal I was thinking of putting confortable chairs and a loveseat and an ottoman in there with a desk for decoration what do you think of that idea of the desk or should I not use the desk ? Kind of Ralph Lauren look

By: Annelle Annelle Mon, 29 Jul 2013 05:50:15 +0000 we are build­ing a new home and are stuck at what color to choose for our blinds. i love the color espresso and picked espresso cab­i­nets for the kitchen and bath­rooms, a golden yel­low gran­ite with hints of red in the kitchen, crisp khaki paint, and most of fur­ni­ture is espresso ex­cept our couch will be lighter to not be so dark if we de­cide to go with espresso blinds. would it look ok to have real wood 2 inch espresso blinds? it is a 2 story home in Gilbert Ari­zona. its 1800 sqauare feet. I in­tend on light­en­ing ev­ery­thing else up; ac­cent walls, pil­lows, wall decor etc if we go with the espresso blinds. I like decor from pier 1 im­ports, pot­tery barn, Z Gallery etc. If not peo­ple say go with off white. So con­fused and stuck and have to make a de­ci­sion in 2 weeks. Also need to keep in mind that I love earth tones and warm tones so all of the fix­tures will be vene­tian bronze even door hard­ware and light­ing. which one should we choose? off white wood or espresso wood blinds? Thank you so much for your help!!

By: Gabriela Gabriela Thu, 16 May 2013 14:39:07 +0000 Hi Gabrielle,

I love your blog…can’t get enough ;-) I need a little inspiration for my home office. Our living room and dining area is an open plan. This is all we have to work with… How can I incorporate a home office, when we are limited to space. Please help.. My home business is struggling to be organized..and might I add. We are a family of five…11 month Oliva, 7yr Sofia, and 8yr Jonathan. I am currently using our kitchen table and bay window for storage and work. Please help!!

By: Tracy Tracy Sat, 13 Apr 2013 19:29:21 +0000 We have bought a new home and need to buy a flooring and I am stumped. Doors all solid light oak. Kitchen is plain white. Work top is white with spec of blue and green. What colour / type of flooring should we install.

By: Maggie Maggie Fri, 01 Feb 2013 21:21:30 +0000 I need help with my log cabin – great room. We are painting the interior wall gold and have thought about painting the pine cathedral ceiling leaving the beams natural. It is not a bright room with all the wood (3 walls, floors and furniture) Any advice on this I would love to hear.


By: Don Don Sat, 22 Dec 2012 19:47:13 +0000 i an removing all the popcorn ceiling in my house and was wondering if all my ceilings should be white? i will be putting up crown moulding which will also be white.

By: Marie Marie Fri, 30 Nov 2012 16:11:40 +0000 Hi. I was wondering if anyone has ever used angle racks as an entertainment center and/or book case. I have about 4 of those, and no budget to buy more furniture, so if anyone has suggestions, kindly tell me. :)

By: Mari Mari Tue, 13 Nov 2012 22:42:16 +0000 I have 3 pieces that I love for my bed but I don’t know what duvet cover / comforter to get and how to accessorize it, the theme I want for my room is Luxury Hollywood Glam…. the three things are 1) Anna Nicole Smith’s Guess Pillow 2) White faux fur throw 3) Gold/Mocha Satin Sheets [which I'm not attached to]…




By: Terri Terri Thu, 16 Aug 2012 20:36:04 +0000 We’re updating our guest bathroom with travertine and small glass squares in various cool colors as trim. We purchased an above glass basin in a deep brown with swirls of gold and various hues of browns…all very warm colors. Our light fixture and faucet are both oiled bronze. The walls are a cream colored. I want to paint the frame around the large mirror along with the front of the cabinet. What color(s) will compliment the cool colors of the travertine and trim with the warmth of the basin?
Help! We can’t send the new sink back.