Ask Design Mom Question:

My parents (probably by accident) started a tradition of wrapping all my presents in the same wrapping paper every year. I think it was a super sale of a hardware store that was going out of business and they sold their commercial sized wrapping paper roll. I am finally about to run out! Hah! I would like to find a way to have that same paper design reproduced on a new commercial sized roll of wrapping paper for my five month-old. Any sources? As a backup option, any sources for buying commercial sized wrapping paper to start a new design? Thanks — Nicole

Design Mom Answer:
What a fun tradition and great question, Nicole. If I was trying to reproduce a roll of wrapping, I would start by taking a sample of the remaining paper to any local printer. They would be able to a) scan and print the paper, b) outsource the work for me to a different printer with correct machinery, or c) direct me toward other printers in my area who could handle printing a commercial size roll. Be aware — this will not be an inexpensive project — but I’m guessing you know that already.

If you decide to start again with a brand new design (a much more economical option), here are some links to online sources that sell commercial-size rolls — Mac Paper, Nu-Era and Gift Wrap Gifts. Good luck on your hunt! I hope you can find/print something wonderful.

What would you advise Nicole, Dear Readers? Any good bulk-size wrapping paper sources? Also, I wonder if I could contact Paper Source and get bulk-rolls of some of the pretty designs above?