Well hello, friends! I’m posting from San Francisco today. I’m here with Ralph and we’re having a great time. Last night we were able to hang out with Jordan & Paul and Jared & Liz (how lucky am I to have relatives in this fantastic town?). We ate Bi-rite ice cream. Visited the Ferney Art Studio on Valencia Street. Basically we did our best to blend in with the beautiful San Francisco hipsters all evening long.

Because all Design Mom Readers are completely and utterly beautiful as well (of course), here’s your chance to win a $200 shopping spree to Cambria Cove. The perfect place to up your beauty quotient with something really lovely.

$200 to spend on anything you please. You could use it to buy a gift for someone you love — Cambria Cove has mastered the art of gift-giving — they have gorgeous items for every conceivable occasion. On the other hand, they also offer a whole section called Gifts For You, which might be a better way to spend the prize. : ) Either way, you’ll have a wonderful time browsing their collection.

Some of my favorites: this gorgeous leatherbound journal, the most elegant laptop cover evah, Portuguese soaps (I adore Portuguese soap packaging!), which would go perfect with these handsome bath accessories. Oh. And there’s delightful jewelry. And dozens upon dozens of other perfectly chosen items.

Leave a comment to enter. I’ll announce a winner when I’m back on Monday. Yay for generous giveaways!


Congratulations, k a t y!! You are the lucky winner of this generous gift certificate from Cambria Cove. Happy shopping!