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October 28, 2008

I’m about to blow your minds with a blogosphere first: guest blog within a guest blog. Did your head just explode? Sorry. As I mentioned, I’m a bit unqualified to give design advice, but I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented friends and family, like my brother-in-law, James. He’s not only a caring husband and father to two boys, but he’s the owner of Flowers on Main. Let me tell you, his floral arrangements aren’t just pretty; they’re art! I put back on my reporter cap and interviewed him about fall floral care. Then, I asked for a free arrangement.

MD: Why are flowers so essential to celebrating seasons?
James: Flowers are always for the moment. Flowers are the crowning jewel of any holiday; they bring colors, textures and fragrances you can’t get any other way.

MD: How can you make your flowers live longer?
James: The biggest killer of fresh flowers is bacteria in the water. To maximize vase life, always use professional floral preservative in your water. If none is available, add a teaspoon of Clorox to a quart of water. Make sure that your bouquet has plenty of water. Flowers drink a lot more when they are not in a collr. Change the water when it looks like the water is getting cloudy. This is also a good time to recut the stems with a sharp knife. This will reopen the path for more water uptake.

MD: What are some good fall flowers?
James: Mums, lilies, gerberas, roses, hypericum berries, leaves, branches, hydrangia, sunflowers, rovers, safflower, coxcomb, purple majesty, kale, solidego, artichokes, just to name a few.

MD: What’s your favorite flower?
James: I love most any flower when it’s in season and at its peak of perfection.
MD: Very diplomatic.

MD: Want to put in a shameless plug?
James: Sure. You can find us online at www.flowersonmainstreet.com.
MD: Did you mention your shop is inside a cozy, vintage home?
James: No, I didn’t, but it is.

image from Rose and Radish

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1 Colleen October 28, 2008 at 12:02 pm

Hey, cool. Flowers on Main is just down the street from me. My sweet hubby has gotten me a couple of arrangements there and they have been the longest-lasting, best quality flowers EVER. Thanks for the tips!


2 Lauren October 30, 2008 at 11:49 pm

I’ve been thinking about this item and wanted to say, thanks, Mrs Dub, for including this interview as a post.

I always thought that the little flower sachets were plant “food” to feed the plants, not something to kill the bacteria in the water. (And I’ve been known to put a pinch of dirt into the flowers’ water to “feed” them… now I know better!)

So I learned something.


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