[ We got two winners!! Congratulations to:
1) Alleen who said, “Love the Kaboost!!”
2) kim b who said, “Count me in! We could definitely use the Kaboost and my son would love the ice cube trays!”
Hey you lucky ladies! Please email me from the link on my blog and I’ll put you in touch with the sponsors. ]

So many great ideas today! Thank you for helping me answer all these wonderful Ask-Design-Mom questions. Here’s another Giveaway to say thank you. And this one is more about the toddler/preschooler and less about the baby. Plus. There are two winners on this one — yay for double prizes!!

And now, let’s discuss those double prizes. Two winners will each receive:

A Kaboost system. Designed to take any 4 legged chair and turn it into a booster. It holds up to 300 lbs and stays attached even when the chair is moved around. Now little Johnny can sit at the table just like the grown-ups, while he throws his peas at the light fixture. And you don’t have to buy another piece of furniture. The Kaboost is easy to use (check out their quick how-to video) and comes in four colors — only one of which is electric green. Brilliant. You can find your own Kaboost system at Target.

Also. The two winners will each receive a set of letter and number trays from Letter Ice. These will be absolutely perfect for entertaining and teaching your preschooler this summer. Which letter is in your lemonade, Oscar? Let’s make juice pops with the numbers, Betty! But they’re not just for ice. You can use them to make cookies as well. Or to make Jello. Or to make muffins. Because these trays are all about multi-tasking. I tell you, I want some!

And I’ll bet you want some too. Happy Commenting — and remember: two winners on this one.

Thank you Kaboost! Thank you Letter Ice Trays!


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