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After the last post, I’ve got Baby Journals on the brain. So why not give one away? Enter your comment to win two super stylish products for your own little bébé — a gorgeous Binth Baby Book from the lovingly-edited collection of Tiny McSmall and a charming Wool Doll or Blastoid Cat of your choice from the lovingly-handmade collection of Persimmon & Pink.

[ And remember, you’ve got two days to enter each of this week’s Giveaways. Which means, it’s not too late to enter yesterday’s Tiny Sprouts Giveaway. You lucky duck! ]

Let me tell you about this Binth Baby Book. It’s fresh and modern and completely original. It arrives in a handsome keepsake box and is bound to become a cherished family heirloom. Nicely sized, with lots of space for both photos and notes. It retails for $110 — which is basically a bargain for a book that is entirely screen printed. Printed on recycled white stock with cotton cloth cover.

And it’s just one of dozens of perfect items available from Tiny McSmall (don’t you just love that name?!), one of my very favorite shops to find “just right” items and gifts for babies and children.

Plus. I want to introduce you to these fantastic creations — wool dolls and blastoid cats — by Persimmon & Pink. Too charming for words, right? And lots of choices so that you can find the ideal new best friend for your child. The lucky winner gets to pick any doll. Or any cat. And you might want to keep checking the Persimmon & Pink etsy shop, because new additions arrive all the time.

Happy Commenting. Thank you Persimmon and Pink! Thank you Tiny McSmall!


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