I know it’s barely January and we’re all shopped out post-Christmas and everything, but can you believe I’ve got Oscar’s birthday coming up this week and am out feeding the economy yet again? For those of you that are shopping already as well — or even just window shopping, did I tell you I’ve fallen in love with Tiny McSmall?

So in love that I don’t even know what to feature from their super-well-put-together collection. In fact, my instinct is to show you a picture of every item they carry — I couldn’t find a single thing that I disliked or even raised my eyebrows at.

Go take a look. At every single item. It’s so worth your time.

Day of the Week Barrettes by Little Something
Chocolate Mini Dots Baby Set by Kit+Lili

Anja Dress by Neige
Crochet Terrier by Anne-Claire Petit

Child’s Apple Pear Apron & Baking Set
Lucien Striped Sweater by Oeuf

Camille Dress by Dagmar Daley (at the top)