I get such a kick out of all the amazing t-shirts out there for babies and kids. Some are high style. Some are down right clever. I love them all. Here are some that have caught my eye lately:

Spring St. Designs
Organic Tees. Great simple designs. Love all the initial options.

Tiny Revolutionary
Political Statements for the yet-to-speak. Well-designed website — and discount in the Marketplace.

Little Capers
Yours kids get to be a super hero without all the spandex.

Sandbox Threads
Funky statements on culture and Pop culture for the wee ones.

Little Lark
What it looks like when a letterpress company makes tees — lovely.

Big words for little people. Find out what these mean and see all the other big words on their site.

Trendy Tadpole
More cultural commentary. With a more stylized feel.

Which great tee companies do you love?