There’s a new website called Shutter Sisters that I have spent some very satisfying time exploring. It’s for photographers and wannabe photographers and admirers of photographers. Founded by some of the most creative and inspiring women out there. Eight sisters. Three of whom I consider trusted blog friends, Andrea Scher of Superhero Journal, Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks and Tracey Clark of Mother May I.

Check it out. Explore. Get involved in Love Thursday. Or try a Superhero Photo Challenge. Nominate a photo for One Sweet Shot. Or join their flickr group. Mostly just let the beautiful photography inspire your day.

I’ve heard bits and pieces about this project over the last year and was so excited to see the site had launched. Congratulations Ladies!!

This site is going to be huge. I’m sure of it. I recommend getting involved early so you can say, “I was a Shutter Sister from day one”.

I found the announcement on sk*rt.