Awesome Giveaway today. I know you might not believe me. You’re thinking the timing is bad. Like, “Hey. If I win this, it won’t even make it in time for Christmas. Not cool.” But actually, it’s very-super-really cool. Because the prize today is the perfect post-Christmas object. Enter your comment to win a Signature Ornament Storage Box from Sterling Pear, which sells for $149.00!

See what I mean? This is the exact thing I’m going to be craving at 8:00 am Christmas morning when I’m surrounded by piles of Things To Store — a really sturdy, well-made, beautiful place to put lots of stuff. Christmas stuff in particular. Surely you’ll be craving something similar. And happily for us, Sterling Pear thought of it. And designed it. And had it built. And hooray.

Now. If you find yourself drooling at the site of this storage box, I encourage you to click your way around the Sterling Pear site. Because you will find many more beautiful holiday things to make your heart flutter. (They’re not part of the Giveaway, but they are wonderful eye-candy.)

Like this elegant table runner. This classic and understated brass stocking holder. So sophisticated. It’s hard not to love a company that focuses on Christmas year round. I look forward to seeing their line expand.

Thank you Sterling Pear!


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