It’s wonderful Wednesday. It’s the end of May. It’s time to look ahead to June. Let’s do a giveaway for the men in our lives — to help us get in gear for Father’s Day. The talented Jacqueline Sanchez sent me a link to her Forever Young line of lego-based-jewelry and I was an instant fan. So we set up a Giveaway for a pair of impeccably designed, finely crafted, absolutely happy LEGO CUFFLINKS!!

What’s not to love? Legos are practically a symbol of parenthood. You can find them tucked into the corner of many a child-filled home. When you step on random piece in the middle of the night and muffle your scream of pain so as not to wake your slumbering children, legos serve as a not-so-subtle reminder that your priorities are in order, that your children are cherished.

These lego cufflinks let you wear your parenthood on your sleeve — like a badge of honor. Plus, they’re a good compromise for the man who is all grown-up and working for his family’s benefit, but still loves a good toy. But don’t let the playful aspect fool you — all of Jacqueline’s jewelry is exquisitely made and a bit extravagant. The winner of today’s Giveaway can choose their cufflinks: red squared or black rounded like the ones above. Or. The winner can contact Ms. Jacqueline herself and she’ll tell you the additional colors that are available. Her cufflinks retail for $150 — a perfect Father’s Day Gift splurge.

Ladies, you’re also in luck. Jacqueline designs lovely lego jewelry for Mom as well. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces rings. Everything made from the finest sterling silver — and plastic legos. Some pieces are blinged-up with diamonds and gold.

If legos aren’t your thing, you’ll definitely want to check out Jacqueline’s other jewelry lines. She’s a woman of many talents. She even offers a gorgeous bridal line and stunning custom work. What a fun find!

Thank you Jacqueline Sanchez!


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