Valentine’s Day Revisited

February 15, 2007

My mom posted this rad picture on her blog yesterday. It made me so happy. This is me (circa 1980?) holding my baby sister Jordan. Or. For those of you who are in the blogging know, this is Design Mom holding Oh Happy Day.

This could totally be my daughter Maude holding her baby sister Betty.

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1 Oh, The Joys February 15, 2007 at 9:20 am

You are both as cute a pie!


2 rachel February 15, 2007 at 10:23 am

I thought that was Sara holding Jordan. Amazing, I never thought of you two looking so much alike.


3 robin k February 15, 2007 at 10:49 am

And I think you look a lot like Ruth in that picture…


4 Megan February 15, 2007 at 11:54 am

You should take a picture of Maude holding Betty, and compare the pictures. Maude looks just like you.


5 chloe's mom February 15, 2007 at 12:42 pm

megan – I think it’s really ralph with piggy tails.


6 Lizzy February 15, 2007 at 12:58 pm

love it. i saw maude right away.


7 Erin February 15, 2007 at 1:16 pm

i think jordan looks just like rachel’s girls.


8 Jen I February 15, 2007 at 3:40 pm

3 thoughts – oh my goodness, you still look totally the same. Oh my goodness, it totally looks like Maude. Oh my goodness, does your sister have a bootie or what???


9 kathryn February 15, 2007 at 4:02 pm

I see all Ralph. Maude made the most decorative Valentine pouch of the bunch today, she took so much care and crafted it so well. She’s like Mom too!


10 sara February 15, 2007 at 11:50 pm

wow, i really thought this was maude holding some other baby… in a very cute, retro dress.

how fun!


11 Jenni February 16, 2007 at 9:09 am

i totally see ralph there too


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