I’m thinking Thursday, January 4, 2007 sounds like the ideal time for a random Giveaway. Yes. Definitely.

And it’s a totally rad prize today. Mode Boutique, that I blogged about earlier here has offered up 2 CUSTOM TEES to the winner of today’s Giveaway — ONE FOR MOM & ONE FOR BABY/CHILD!!! How cool is that?

You can pick from any of the graphics in any category found here. I’m especially digging the Travel Images and the Say What Icons. You can pick your size and t-shirt color. And there are child-size tees/tanks for your little one — even onsies! Plus, the tees themselves are really good ones from American Apparel and Fairline, a fair step above your standard Beefy Tee.

I have to say I am dying to visit Mode Boutique. The pics of the space look so rad. If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Mode, I urge you to check it out and report so I can get more details. And for those readers that live far, far away. Like myself. Beccy, the owner, promises she’ll order us up anything we like, if we just contact the store — almost as good as being there.

Mode offers fab lines of clothing for Men & Women & Baby. Super-cool items for your home or for gifts. Luxe accessories. Check out some of their wares:

Those baby leg warmers are for sure on my covet list. Argyle? Are you kidding me? So cute. Do your friends a favor: give them a head’s up that they’ve got till Friday night to get in on the action. As usual, I’m totally wishing I could enter the Giveaway. . .

Thank you, Mode Boutique!!


Random Giveaway Guidelines:
-You have until midnight EST on Friday, January 5th to enter this giveaway.
-Just make a comment on this post to enter — any comment.
-Anonymous comments will be ignored/removed.
-One entry per person, please.
-Winner will be randomly picked and announced Monday morning.
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