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Recently, I tried a buckwheat filled pillow at the salon and I LOVED it. Then I got a head’s up from a friend and was delighted to see that the geniuses at Blessed Nest had figured out that buckwheat could be used to make the perfect nursing pillows. My baby will be 7 months old on Saturday. She’s getting heavier and nursing is getting less comfortable — which makes me super-excited to receive my soon-to-arrive Blessed Nest Pillow! But I’m not the only one. The very fortunate winner of today’s Giveaway will receive their very own 100% ORGANIC NESTING PILLOW FROM BLESSED NEST AS WELL!!!

Blessed Nest has long been making amazing Nesting Pillows. Originally designed to make nursing easier, they are currently used wherever an excellent pillow comes in handy — on airplanes, under tired legs or sore backs, and definitely as a support for baby while nursing.

Even better, Blessed Nest is about to launch their 100% Organic line (the current line is 95% organic, but they’re shooting for perfection). All of the Nesting Pillows are filled with organic buckwheat hulls, the canvas used on the inside pillow are made of 100% organic cotton (grown and milled in the US!) and the terry and French loop terry used on the top and bottom of all of the slipcovers are 100% organic cotton. Blessed Nest will feature limited edition Eco Pillows through their own website and through a new site launching next year. Today’s winner will receive an “advance copy” of this Eco Pillow in the fabric of their choice.

Love, love the current textile selection (this is just a sampling!):

Blessed Nest is committed to making moms’ lives easier, more comfortable and stylish, but also to create a healthier environment for their babies to grow up in. They print on recycled paper, re-use shipping boxes, and support other eco and people friendly companies. How can you not love the eco-friendly vibe?

There’s a fab story behind this company — an end to one design career launched the start of a new one. And lots of lovely testimonials on their site. Take a look and attempt to pick which one you’ll give to that new mother you have in mind. You can bet it will be a most appreciated gift.

Thank you, Blessed Nest!

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