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Goodness gracious, comment already. You’ll cry if you miss your chance to win this amazing and too beautiful for words WAKE UP HAPPY SKIRT by the indie fashion label PRONK.

This skirt is so pretty. So flattering. And the winner gets to pick size and color. Will you go reds? Will you go blues? How will you ever decide? Did you wake up happy? Pronk assures us, if you have this skirt to set out the night before, you will.

Inspired by Marken women from a small island in The Netherlands, the team at Pronk believes that clothing, though a daily necessity, can enrich our lives. Pronk is a Dutch word describing the display of one’s best and display their best, Pronk does. Their pieces are made of Liberty of London cotton with imported laces and glass button — extremely fine detailing.

Maybe the most charming thing about Pronk is that with each order, they include thread and simple instructions for hand-stitching so you can “experience the secret magic of even the smallest embellishment.” How very cool is that.

The Pronk site is beautiful. Don’t miss Design Mom’s faves:

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the Bloom Shirtdress

the Beautiful Blouse

Just the kind of pieces you love to have in the closet. The kind that make you feel smart and pretty and interesting. And isn’t it just so awesome to have a piece of clothing that no one else in town has? That you didn’t buy at a chain store? I want one of each.

Thank you, Pronk!

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