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I’m drooling. Totally drooling. Because I am a full-on sugar addict — not chocolate mind you — sugar. And today’s winner will receive A 3 1/2 LB. GIFT TOWER OF CANDY FROM AVENUE SWEETS!!!

That’s right. Not one pound. Not two pounds. But 3 1/2 pounds of mouth-watering, lip-smacking deliciousness. A combination of: signature almond nougat, tasty hazelnut nougat, golden caramels and rich chocolate caramels. You know you’re thinking you’d share it if you won, but you’d really eat the whole sweet sugary goodness while you wait for Lost to return in February.

Agnes Jones, the talented sweet tooth behind Avenue Sweets is all about the nougat. Nougat is a word that can knit your brow, until you read the description from their website:

Nougat is a traditional European confection that dates back many centuries. The basis of AvenueSweets nougat is called a mazetta, which is a sugar and egg white mixture. Then nuts are added to the mix. In our traditional nougat, we use a generous helping of fresh, whole almonds. For a marvelous variation, we add hazelnuts. The end result is soft and chewy nougat with a subtle, sweet taste that is irresistible.

In addition to nougat luciousness, Avenue Sweets is also a purveyor of handmade golden caramels — which I confess is the main cause of my drooling. I so love anything caramel. Feel your tummy rumble as you take a look at some of Avenue Sweet’s offerings:

Yummy caramels in golden and chocolate options, pretty in boxes or jars.

Boxed nougats — the small ones are perfect for hostess or teacher gifts.

Gift towers in lots of sizes.

I am just dying to get a box of these sweets in front of me. Although I’m sure they are delicious year round, these candies put me in the holiday mood. Love the elegant packaging. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Thank you, Avenue Sweets

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