Preferred Mother Goose

July 31, 2006

When Ralph was born I made a trip to the bookstore to buy a Mother Goose Book. There were many choices so I opened them up and did a little impromptu research. Although different versions offer different benefits, I chose Sylvia Long’s and have been so happy with it. I love the illustrations and the inclusion of some uncommon nursery rhymes, but the really convincing factor for me was Ms. Long’s treatment of Rock a Bye Baby. Her baby is a baby bird with Mother and Father Bird encouraging the baby out of the nest to try it’s wings. When I saw this, suddenly a baby in the treetops was no longer so bizarre or disturbing.

I’m aware there is probably a history to Rock a Bye Baby that explains it’s bizarreness — something like Ring Around the Rosies being about some awful disease. But, if that depressing story is at all typical, I think I’m content not knowing the history of each rhyme.

One other note: after Oscar was born, my friend Rebecca brought me a stack of nesting blocks featuring these same illustrations. The blocks are beautiful and big hit with all my kids. You can buy them here.

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1 Erin July 31, 2006 at 5:20 pm

I love this Mother Goose. Colin’s really in the Mother Goose stage and was thinking I needed to add a new one to our collection, thanks for the reminder about Sylvia Long!


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