DIY: Paper Bottle Brush Trees (Yes! Made from Paper!)

DIY Paper Bottle Brush Trees - so easy to make, you can choose colors and sizes!

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I’m a huge fan of the snowy, wintery setups I see this time of year. A little village on the entry table, or a happy tiny forest on a cake platter. Of course, they always feature bottle brush trees, and I got to thinking: could I make a bottle-brush style tree out of paper? So that I can choose the size, the color, and the shape? And I can make as many as I need? Well after some experimenting, the answer is: yes! We can all totally make Paper Bottle Brush Trees! And they are adorable!!

I’m so excited about this project! I’ve been working with Amy Christie on this for a few weeks. We tried circle shapes and square shapes. We messed with proportions and materials. We tried different colors and color palettes. And we LOVE where we landed. This project is perfect for your Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine. Each tree uses approximately 100 pieces of stacked paper in descending sizes — and your Cricut can cut those pieces so quickly and easily, you’ll whip these trees up in a snap!

Ready to make your own wintery centerpiece?

Full DIY instructions, and lots of photo inspiration, when you click through.

A Few Things


Hello, Friends! How are you? Was it a good week? Anything you’re looking forward to this weekend? Our weekend will be pretty much 100% Scrooge, because as I’ve mentioned, Oscar, Betty & Olive are all in the cast of Scrooge the Musical happening on Temple Hill in Oakland (tix are free — even if it says sold out, show up 15 mins before it starts and you’ll get a seat!). Tonight is the second night of performances. And there are two tomorrow. My mom flew out to see the show, so we’re loving our time with Grandma too.

The only other big thing on the schedule this weekend is getting our Christmas tree. When do you get yours? Is it already up, or do you wait until much closer to Christmas?

One fun thing is that we’ve been doing hair (lots of ringlets!) and makeup (lots of blush!) every night before their 6:00 curtain call. I’ve been sharing peeks on Instagram stories if you’d like to see. (@designmom) It’s actually time to get started right now — Betty’s hair is looong. : ) But before I go, I have a few things I’ve wanted to share with you.

Keep reading for my Friday link list.

Ralph’s Challenges for the Family

This week’s Facebook Live Broadcast included Oscar and Betty! I interview them about their experience in Scrooge, and they help me share some favorite Christmas books. You can watch the video here, or on Facebook.

We also talk about the Challenges Ralph left for each family member before he left on this mission. The idea came about as our summer in France was winding down. We were looking for a way to mark this transitional event in Ralph’s life, and our family’s life, and we brainstormed as a family what we could do. Should we create some sort of ceremonial action? Like dip our feet in the Seine and light a candle and sing a song? And then the idea of challenges came up.

Read all about the Family Challenges when you click through!

Easiest Lasagna Recipe Ever! Made with Frozen Ravioli

Easiest Lasagna Recipe. Made with frozen ravioli!

It’s December. Welcome to the month of busy + cold! Who could use a dinner idea that’s easy (like super easy), hearty, and delicious? (Raising my hand.) How about the easiest lasagna recipe in the world?

When I was talking with my friend Lindsey, and discussing recipes for this month, she mentioned a Ravioli Lasagna that she likes to make. Ravioli Lasagna? I had never heard of such a thing, but was totally intrigued and asked her to share the recipe here. I think you’re going to LOVE this one. The recipe is partly store-bought-waiting-in-the-freezer, which is always a big help, and Lindsey also has some soothing words for those of us who wish we made a big dinner every night, but can’t always make it happen (raising my hand again).

Enjoy the mouth-watering photos and words. I’m making this recipe tonight!

Find the easy recipe, plus lots of gorgeous photos, when you click through.



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