An Attempt To Keep My Resolutions, Part One

how to start a collection

The best news! I invited Karey Mackin back to talk to us about resolutions (remember her holiday style story that made us all belly laugh?). You’ll love this post! Here’s Karey:

(I have a lot of goals for 2017. Gabby’s letting me tell you all about them, so I have accountability. It should be noted that I have issues with accountability.)

I want to start a collection. Not just any collection, though. Hers.

I did not know ginger jars even existed, but now that I do it’s on. I am Veruka Salting all over them.

But here’s my issue with collections: They take way too much time. And, what if you change your mind midway through collecting? Mmmm, I’m just not feeling pigs-in-flight anymore. Now what?

I think what I need is an insta-collection.

What even is an insta-collection? I’ll tell you.

Dessert For Two: Lemon Curd Tarts


Yes to this. Yes to all of this. I asked Lindsey for another Dessert For Two recipe, and when this showed up, it felt like she created these Mini Lemon Curd Tarts as a special gift to me. I adore lemon desserts, and this one couldn’t be easier, with simple ingredients and very little prep. Plus, these photos are killing me with their gorgeousness!

Citrus season is a great time to live in California. On the drive to school I pass at least a dozen trees dripping with oranges and lemons, and a friend of ours asked Oscar to help pick oranges from his tree, then sent him home with two giant bags full. Fresh-squeezed orange juice for days! We’re trying to figure out if there’s a sunny enough spot in our yard to plant a mini citrus grove — one tree each of lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime, and kumquat. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Before we jump into the recipe, tell me friends, what’s your take on lemon desserts? I know lemons can bring out strong opinions. As for me, I’m not afraid to admit: I would choose this over a chocolate dessert any day!

Find the full recipe with notes when you click through.

Alix D. Reynis

porcelain light fixture handmade in France by Alix D. Reynis

In September, not long after Maude arrived in Paris, she called me and said, “Mom, you would LOVE Alix!”

Alix is the mother of the boys Maude cares for, and as you would expect, Maude spends a lot of time with the family. “She’s a designer and she has the best taste,” Maude told me, “She has a product line too, and you can find her wares at Merci!”

Merci is one of the most stylish shops in Paris (it’s the one you seen in photos with the tiny red car in front), and definitely one of my happy places, so of course I wanted to know more. I emailed Alix, and she sent the link to her site, and then my jaw dropped because everything is so dang beautiful.

See more when you keep reading, including the scented candle Maude brought home from Paris.

Living With Kids: Josh Bingham

Photographs by Meikel Reece.

I am excited to introduce you to Josh. He’s made some big changes in his life, and I couldn’t wait to show you how he’s living with his kids. I met Josh when we were in college — his taste and style and sense of humor were excellent, and have only gotten more refined through the years. His thoughts are spectacular, and I imagine they’ll change someone’s path today. Or maybe someday. (If your path needs to be changed, remember: we are all rooting for you.)

A big hug to Josh for sharing his truth – and fantastic home – with us. Enjoy!

Pink leopard ahead. Come see.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And I’m writing this post so late, that it’s practically tomorrow. Did you get the day off of work? Did the schools close? I know this day isn’t consistently marked across the country, so I’m guessing some of you were back to your usual Monday schedule today.

I saw lots of powerful quotes from Martin Luther King being shared on social media today. I’m guessing it was the same for you. Some of the words were focused on love. Others were focused on justice. Others were focused on standing up for what you know to be right.

There was also some resentment (or maybe annoyance?); a feeling that Mr. King’s words were being manipulated to fit messages he wouldn’t agree with or that ignored a major part of his legacy. In fact, my friend Kelly Wickham Hurt, a long time educator, and founder of Being Black at School, wrote, “If you’re quoting MLK today be sure to tell everyone that Black Lives Matter tomorrow. It’s the same message.”

Keep reading for more. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



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