Living With Kids: Zoie Kingsbery Coe

You’ve probably heard of Kid & Coe – holiday properties that put kids first – but now it’s time to meet its enthusiastic founder, Zoie. She created the company so that she and all the rest of us traveling with kids in tow had another option apart from the standard hotel room and resulting “Shhhhhhh” from check-in on. She’s now got a solid collection of kid-friendly rentals around the world, plus insight from local parents about how to get the best out of your stay.

And today, she’s taking us around one of her favorite properties of all: her own! Welcome, Zoie! So glad you’re here.

Sigh. We’re gonna need a place in Ibiza.

Winter Weather Fun: 5 Ideas!

5 kid snow activities — including DIY snow paint made from old markers

It’s freezing out there! I was in Utah last weekend, just in time for a big storm. I was only there for one night, but the downfall was so steady, my little rental car was completely snowed in while I slept — and I couldn’t get out of the parking lot the next day! Happily, as luck would have it, I was staying at Camp Williams, an Army base, and there was a van full of military men with snow shovels who came to the rescue of me and everyone else on the campus who was struggling without four-wheel-drive. : )

The short days from the end of the January to the beginning of Spring can be so tough! Here are a few kid snow activities that might help you and the kids approach the next drop in temperature with a smile.

5 cool ideas! Click here.

How To Say No

We’ve all been told a million times not to put too much on our plates, to be protective of our time, to prevent getting stressed out, to say no more often. But based on a whole lot of emails from overwhelmed readers this month, it seems like we’re not very good at saying no. : )

At least, I know I’m not.

It would be one thing if our to-do list was full of items that felt frivolous (though that’s certainly a relative term); it would be easy to say no to something like shop for ski pants, because I have no plans for skiing this year. But it’s really quite difficult to figure out what to eliminate when the things in our life, the things on our plate, are good, worthy things — like exercising, calling a friend who needs to talk something out, bringing a meal to a neighbor who just had a baby, volunteering in our 1st grader’s classroom, taking on some of the work load of a co-worker who has a sick parent, picking out a birthday present for our husband.

Which thing should we say no to? Or to quote Rachel Haack in her home tour last month: “PICK WHICH BALL I SHOULD DROP, GUILT FREE.”

Ideas for how to say no more easily, straight ahead.

Nix Color Tool

Nix color tool - scan any surface to learn the digital color (cmyk, rgb, etc) instantly

Ooooh. This looks cool. It’s called Nix, and it’s a color tool that can scan any surface and tell you exactly what the color is. Apparently, the color shows up in whatever formulation you prefer, like CMYK, RGB, LAB, HEX, and more. It’s basically the Photoshop eyedropper tool in real life! (If you don’t use Photoshop, a quick explanation: with the eyedropper tool, you can click on any color on your screen, and Photoshop will tell you instantly what the color formulation is. So handy! I use it a ton.)

More info and more photos when you keep reading.

A Few Things

Hello, Friends. How are you? How was your week? I have an exciting weekend in front of me. I’m flying to Utah this morning! My brother-in-law Paul Rodgers (he’s married to my sister, Rachel), is being promoted to the rank of Colonel in the Army. Such a huge accomplishment! The whole family is super proud of him. Paul is an incredibly hard worker, a born leader, a father who truly loves hanging out with his kids, and he reads so much that he has encyclopedic knowledge of more things than I can count. I consider myself very lucky that he joined our family. I was only in middle school when Rachel and Paul were married, so Paul’s been in my life for a long time. What a great man he is.

Three cheers for Colonel Paul Rodgers! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

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